Preparing our children for Global Citizenship

Value based education that transforms the child to understand and maintain a healthy lifestyle, appreciation for the environment and understanding of various cultures, religions and languages


Balancing between home and school

Age based balance between parental love and school education that transforms the child into a mentally strong and physically fit individual

Our central concept

Students of the future should not only acquire and maintain education as a personal asset but rather add value to it by creating spirally growing bodies of knowledge.

Rayyan Educational Trust is a human centric transformation engine that will fulfill the needs of the generation-next education in India and abroad.

Rayyan Educational Trust believes that every moment in the transformation process of a child into an adult is precious and requires a lot of focus and care from all fronts i.e. from home and from the school.


In order to ensure maximizing and optimizing the time available for the transformation Rayyan Educational Trust believes in the following:

  1. Values Based Education and the values are: Health, Environment and Global Citizenship
  2. Maximum parental care in early childhood
  3. Minimum travel between home and school in adolescence
  4. Maximum information exchange and exposure approaching adulthood

Using this human centric approach the focus of the trust will be to build international schools in all major cities of India starting from Chennai where the idea was seeded.